The MCA have recently been developing a new Engineering qualification for Engineers wanting to work on 'Small Vessels': Fishing Vessels, Yachts, Tugs, Workboats, Standby, Seismic Survey, Oceanographic Research Vessels and Government Patrol Vessels. This means the CoCs gained through this route will be transferrable between the above industries.

If you are a Yacht Engineer, you only need to follow this new qualification route if you plan to work in more than one of the above industries. This route is not replacing the existing Yacht Engineering qualifications at this time, however the Yacht Engineer CoCs will eventually be phased out after a number of years. Once the MCA stop issuing Yacht CoCs, they will still be recognised, and you will be able to revalidate a Yacht CoC every 5 years.

If you are already working towards a Yacht CoC, you are advised to continue on the Yacht route, until such time you choose to convert to a Small Vessel Engineering CoC, or the MCA cease issuing the Yacht CoCs. There are pathways into the Small Vessel CoC route, for anyone already holding a Yacht Engineer CoC. Once the Yacht CoCs are phased out, these pathways can be used when you choose to gain the next level of CoC.


The CoCs available on this route are:

Second Engineer SV <3000GT & <9000kW CoC (similar to Y4)

Chief Engineer SV <500GT & <3000kW CoC (similar to Y3/2)

Chief Engineer SV <3000GT & <9000kW CoC (similar to Y1)

The new MIN 524 details how you can achieve these CoCs.

Click here to see the application form

NOTE: There appear to be some inconsistencies in the MIN. We are waiting for clarification on this from the MCA, however there seems to be some service missing from the requirements on some of the CoC sections and also Conversion from Yacht to SV sections. There are also a couple of courses missing in certain parts (HELM O, Auxiliary Equipment II) - again, if you plan to do this route because there are fewer courses, then it's a misprint - there should be the same number of modules required for both Yacht and SV CoCs!


For Yacht candidates, the 'Experienced Seafarer Route' should be used (see flow chart on page 34 of the M Notice). This contains various courses whose names will be familiar to you already (Auxiliary Equipment, Marine Diesel Engines, Applied Marine Engineering, General Science I & II etc). The content has changed only slightly, but you must undertake the specific Small Vessel version of each course, rather than the Yacht module.

The Auxiliary Equipment course (which is famous for having an extremely wide ranging syllabus) has been developed into two courses for this new route. However, part of the Auxiliary Equipment II course takes in much of the syllabus from the old Advanced Hotel Services course. This means that although the Auxiliary Equipment looks as though it has been split in half, it hasn't! Therefore, anyone choosing to go down this new route based on the assumption that the Auxiliary Equipment course will "easier" will be on a fruitless mission.

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