A 5 day course covering basic seamanship including: knots, bends, hitches; splicing of rope and wire; whippings; deck safety; hatch covers; cranes and derricks; lookout/watch keeping duties and other related matters.

This is a qualifying examination for Merchant AB and deck rating certification, and OOW Yachts <3000gt.

Can be taken once the seafarer:
1) has reached 17 years of age

2) holds an ENG1 medical certificate

3) holds one of the following certificates:
MCA accepted Yachtmaster Offshore shorebased and practical certificates;
Yacht Rating with at least 6 months sea service & a steering certificate or Nav Watch Rating certificate;
Fishing Class 2 CoC or the Seafish 5 day watchkeeping course for under 16.5m fishing certificates;
Boatmaster Licence (BML) Tier 1, level 2 certificate;
Tug rating with at least 6 months sea time (which may be in categorised water) and a steering certificate or NWR certificate.

4) holds a minimum of 6 months sea service in vessels of more than 15 metres. Sea service in category C and D waters will be accepted at full rate. (NOTE: entry onto the course is permitted if this service has not yet been obtained, but an EDH certificate will not be issued until the candidate can prove the service with a testimonial or discharge book)


NOTE FOR ALL YACHT OOW CANDIDATES: From 1st January 2017, this certificate must have been issued at least 18 months prior to the issue of your OOW CoC.

A 5 day course certificated by oral examination

Current course fee: £815.00


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